Wireless Charging Dynamo: Car Jump Starter Power Bank with Cutting-Edge Wireless
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Introducing the ET-26: Your Ultimate 4-in-1 Car Jump Starter Power Bank wireless charging capability.

The ET-26 is a cutting-edge, rechargeable 4-in-1 multi-function power bank designed to redefine your on-the-road power needs. Compact enough to fit in your glove box or under your seat, this versatile device ensures that drivers always have a reliable power option to start their vehicles in various situations. Say goodbye to the stress of relying on towing services or hoping for a jumpstart from a stranger.

Versatile Jump Starter: The ET-26 goes beyond traditional jump starters. Its versatility extends to jump-starting other vehicles, including motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats, and ATVs, making it an essential companion for all your adventures.

Rapid Device Charging: Equipped with a 2 Amp USB output, the ET-26 swiftly charges any 5 Volt portable devices. From smartphones to tablets, digital cameras, and more, it serves as the ultimate emergency battery pack for home, office, vehicle, or outdoor use.

High-Intensity LED Flashlight: Navigate through darkness with ease using the built-in 400 LUMEN LED flashlight. Featuring flash, strobe, and SOS modes, this flashlight is perfect for finding items in the dark, attracting attention, or signaling oncoming traffic. With up to 30 hours of power when fully charged, it's a reliable companion in any emergency.

Professional-Grade Safety: Designed with professionals in mind, the ET-26 boasts refined heavy-duty copper clamps and ten advanced intelligent protection technologies. From overload protection to reverse polarity protection, it ensures a secure and efficient jump-start experience. The heavy-duty copper clamps provide a solid connection, making it user-friendly for drivers of all skill levels.

Power Beyond Imagination: The ET-26 delivers an impressive 400A peak current, capable of jump-starting dead batteries in just one second. Additionally, it serves as a portable 6000mAh power bank with multiple ports, including 1 USB, a DC port, and a 12V DC port, allowing you to charge your laptop from 0% to 100% in just 2 hours or other devices in just 1 hour.

Embrace professional, efficient, and extra-safe power with the ET-26, the ultimate companion for your journeys on and off the road.

Technical Description

Product Name

Portable Car Jump Starter



Starting Current


Peak Current





12V Jump Start



Start-up Capacity

5.0 L Gas Engine ; 3.0L Diesel Engine






12 month

Operate Temperature


Cycle life

1000 times


Paper box or Color box


Package Includes:

Portable Car Jump Starter*1 Normal Jump Clamps*1

Type C * 1 User Manual*1

Zipper Box*1


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